WE'RE PAIR CREATIONS A CREATIVE INNOVATION Company We design digital and physical products for corporate and consumers to update existing solutions. READ MORE WE HAVE A VISION BE ECO-FRIENDLY BE GREEN! All our operations are carried out in favor of the environment. We have a strict policy towards environmental safety. READ MORE ITS THE ROOTS WE STICK TO IT! Make In India All our products are developed and manufactured completely in India. We're an Atmanirbhar Company READ MORE
About Us
We are AN

Pair Creations is an Indian based corporation that focuses on innovation for existing physical and digital facilities. We’ve designed products for various industries, primarily focusing on health-tech and food-tech segment to promote proper nutrition, optimized supplementation, safer food delivery and germ free food consumption.

It all starts with an Idea. Making that a minimum viable product is what we do.
We design and prototype products, from proof of concept to working commercial model.
Getting it manufactured from our partners to getting it on the store shelves, we’ve got everything covered.
our process
Our Designing process and execution is the key to our foundation. years of experience has enabled us to optimize the development funnel for speed, quality and RELIABILITY.
Market scope

A product idea or a plan is not enough. Its important to know if there’s a market for it. Is there  a need for the product to solve a profitable problem. We make sure the product idea has demand, value, potential, and feasibility.

DEsign and development

Attention to detail is very crucial when developing a product. We take product designing very seriously while making quality as our first priority.  We leverage our experience to design an optimal product for quality, cost, feasibility and compliance.

Execution strategy

Consumers need to acknowledge a solution so they can opt of it. We make sure the product is market the right way by establishing strategic partnerships with people and companies in the industry to create a network for product distribution and sales. 

We have a precised skillset for
product innovation and development.
After MVP finalization, we plan the further product development process with timeframes and scope design.
Drawings, concept arts, features layout, working simulation. An overall finalization of how the product will work and what it will look like.
A bare minimum working model design of the product where all the required primary functions will work as planned.
A fully working model of the product with required tech and functional abilities to be evaluated for revisions and further industrial finalization.
The production level designing for the product, this includes presentation prototypes, 3d media, tooling drawings and BOM.
Alpha testing includes EVT, PVT and DVT that goes through each aspect of the product to benchmark the capability and improvement possibility.
Complete product compliance and licenses for every purpose and implementation of the product.
Promoting the product in the right places and building brand using strategic market planning and execution.
our work
we’ve designed 10+ products in various markets and industries. One of our flagship product from the beverages category is the brewit bottle
Our Core Minds
Pair creations was incorporated in 2017 by michael rubin and shivam warthi. coming from sales and marketing background, both of them intend to make the world a better place by introducing eco-friendly product solutions and innovating EXISTING technologies. 
Michael Rubin
Michael has 24+ years of experience in sales and marketing is known for transforming sales segments by developing strong customer relationships. He is an exceptional mentor and coach combined with analytical business knowledge and able to recruit, build and retain top performing teams.
Shivam Warthi
Shivam is a technology driven and innovation enthusiast who has 5+ years of experience in Product design and development, SaaS, web design and Digital marketing. Shivam has carried out operations in various industries in terms of product innovation and marketing.